At the Los Angeles Gender Center, we work with and honor the whole person. We understand that society can be a wounding and marginalizing force, especially around gender and sexuality. By talking with one of us, you will have an opportunity to gain awareness, strengthen your ability to deal with challenges, and discover new ways of being in the world.

In addition to our many years of experience as general practice clinicians, we have special training and expertise in gender identity, sexual identity, and sexual health. Some of the areas in which we provide counseling and support include but are not limited to:

  • Diverse gender identities, including transgender, MTF, FTM, genderqueer, bi-gender, two spirit, and others
  • Gender diversity in children
  • Diverse sexualities and their expression
  • Coming out
  • Transition, including assistance at work or at school
  • Fertility preservation and family building options
  • Documentation for hormones and gender affirming surgical procedures, if requested by medical providers
  • Differences of sexual development (DSDs) & intersex
  • Religion and spirituality and their interface with gender and sexuality
  • HIV & AIDS

To make an appointment, please call us at 310-475-8880 or email us at


Transforming Family Support Groups

When: 2nd Sunday of the month
Facilitator:  Susan Landon, LMFT (parent group) 310-395-9095
Cost: By donation

A Los Angeles based family support group creating a positive environment for children, adolescents and their families to explore issues of gender identity.


New groups to be announced...



Children and adolescents who do not fit neatly within the male and female gender binary often feel confused and have many questions. As parents journey with their child or teen, they often feel at a loss and on their own. Clarity and insight can lessen the challenges for families on this journey. At LAGC, we have years of experience providing children, adolescents, and families with the support they need. For more detailed information visit the Child & Adolescent page.


Assessment (also called testing or evaluation) can be an appropriate and necessary tool for ensuring the most effective treatment for some clients. Assessments can assist in determining if clients of all ages have:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Gifted/talented abilities
  • Diverse developmental concerns
  • Personality and/or mental health features requiring unique therapeutic modalities

Testing can also provide clarity for clients and therapists about current mood symptoms, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties, and anxiety-related thoughts and behaviors.

Physicians, therapists, and schools often refer individuals for testing and evaluation. If you are either a referring professional or you have been referred for an assessment, our LAGC associates are able to provide this service utilizing the best and most accurate assessment tools. Even without a referral, if you believe that an assessment might be beneficial to you or your child, we can help you make that determination. We will interpret in a culturally sensitive manner test results that may be impacted by gender diversity.

Testing for adults, teens, and children may include:

  • Cognitive testing (IQ)
  • Academic assessment
  • Memory testing
  • Mood and personality assessment
  • Behavioral rating scales
  • Input from parents, teachers, and/or classroom observations

If you have interest in testing or simply want to learn more, please call us at 310-475-8880 or contact us through our email and you will be connected with one of our testing staff.

Given our philosophy, it is important to us that our clients know that we do not do testing regarding gender identity. Historically, gender diverse individuals have been made to undergo psychological testing of various types to “prove” their gender and/or understand their gender based on pathological frameworks. At LAGC, we find this testing inappropriate and antithetical to our mission; therefore, this specific type of testing service is not offered by our organization.


LAGC provides consultations to other mental health professionals working with gender and sexually diverse clients. We are available to consult with treating therapists regarding specific clients or to provide general information in the area of our expertise. We also offer on-going consultations to clinicians who request this more in-depth support. In addition, we provide second opinions and evaluations.

If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact us at 310-475-8880 or email


Transitioning at work or school can be difficult as some environments are unfamiliar with the realities that gender diverse people face.

The Los Angeles Gender Center provides support in the workplace for people who are transitioning. We collaborate with Human Resource (HR) Departments and employers to facilitate the development of work environments that are culturally sensitive to their transgender employees. We can provide trainings that are tailored specifically to a company’s culture and may include informational meetings and support for HR, supervisors, and co-workers.

Gender diverse children may be subject to bullying and discrimination in school settings. The specialists in our Child and Adolescent Program are available to help principals, teachers, other school staff, students, and parents develop understanding and empathy related to gender diversity. Our therapists can speak to groups or work one-on-one with school personnel to create educational environments that are safe and welcoming to youth with diverse gender expression.

If you are interested in speaking to our staff about workplace or school support, please contact us at 310-475-8880 or email us at


LAGC staff conducts in-service trainings on gender and sexual diversity at a wide variety of institutions universities, nonprofits, health centers, and mental health clinics. If you or your organization would like more information on training, please contact us at 310-475-8880 or email us at

The Los Angeles Gender Center is an APA and BBS approved Sponsor of Continuing Education for Psychologists, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC). For more information on CEU’s please visit our continuing education page

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The supervisors of LAGC periodically take on Psychological Assistants and Interns (MFT, ASW, PCC). If you are interested in our clinical training please contact us at